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Merkel Shotguns BDF 2001C

The over-and-under shotgun 2000 series has a long hunting tradition and has achieved a great deal of sporting success. Besides the dominant 12 calibre, Merkel also makes lightweight shotguns in the 2000 series. The 20 caliber is characterised by its light weight, excellent responsiveness and comfortable recoil. The “C” in the in type designation signifies the complete fitting out of the gun: C stands for “Complete”. From a technical point of view, complete fitting out means: steel-shot capability and interchangeable chokes, selective single trigger, adjustable in the length. A convenient detail: the shotguns are equipped with disconnectable ejectors as standard. Optically, the 2000C gleams with rich arabesque engraving

With W Horton & Sons, all Merkels come made to fit and with a plethora of bespoke options including stock configuration, choice of stock blank, bespoke engraving, trigger weight and configuration.


OVER AND UNDER SHOTGUN 2001C: modified Anson-Deeley locks in steel receiver | Kersten cross bolt | selective single trigger, adjustable in the length |manual safety with intercepting safety sear | disconnectable ejectors | game scene engraving Jagd | stock with pistol grip and cheek piece (other stock available) |interchangeable chokes steel-shot proofed (2 chokes included)

From £9.426.


Caliber:12/76 or 20/76
Choke: 1/4-1/2 (steel-shot proofed), 1/4-3/4, 1/2-1/1
barrel length: 71 cm (cal. 12), 68 cm (cal. 20, 28, 16, 36)
overall length: app. 112 cm (cal. 12), app. 109 cm (cal. 20)
weight: app. 3,1 kg
wood class: basic wood class 4

Optional Extras

Optional calibers: 16/70, 28/70, 36/76

Optional barrel lengths: 71cm (cal. 20, 28, 16, 36), 76cm (cal. 12, 20)

Individual stock measurements

Pistol or Half-pistol grip stock

Long stock (over 15” or 14 ¾” in ST)

Forend with tulip

Double trigger

Polished trigger

Gold plated trigger

Spare barrel

Wood class up to 8

Chrome lined barrels

Ventilated Rib

Middle sight bead

English stock

Left hand stock

High gloss finish

Initials on oval gold/silver – cost per letter