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Tel: 0121 369 1855

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Merkel Shotguns 2020E | 21D | 22D


The over-and-under double rifle 2000 series are fast-action and precise rifles – classical driven hunt specialists. Merkel has further refined the characteristics of the gun with a combination of various details. The single trigger allows a rapid second shot. The Merkel Duo manual cocking system combines high-level safety when carrying the decocked gun with the option of quick reloading and shooting without further cocking. The set trigger finally comes into operation when the precision shot is fired from the high seat. All this, with an elegance and responsiveness which has been the trademark of Merkel rifles for more than a century. The over-and-under rifle models varies in wood grade and long side plates.


OVER AND UNDER RIFLE 2022D | 2021D | 2022D: modified Anson & Deeley locks | rugged steel action | Kersten cross bolt | non selective single trigger, with set trigger | manual safety with intercepting safety sear | with ejectors |pistol grip, cheekpiece and hogsback comb | horizontal and vertical muzzle adjustment | picture shows a prepared claw mount

From £9,426.


Caliber:7x57R, 7x65R, .30-06, .30R Blaser, 8x57IRS, 9,3x74R
Barrel length: 60 cm
Overal length:101 cm
Weight: app. 3,5 kg
Wood class: basic wood class 2

Optional Extras

Extra charge for rimless cardridges .30-06, …

Other calibers on request with extra charge

Individual stock measurements

Interchangeable barrels

Special engraving

Colour hardening

Animal head on action lever

Pistol or Half-pistol grip stock

Long stock (over 15” or 14 ¾” in ST)

Forend with tulip

Double trigger

Polished trigger

Gold plated trigger

Spare barrel

Wood class up to 6

Chrome lined barrels

Ventilated Rib

Middle sight bead

English stock

Left hand stock

High gloss finish

Initials on oval gold/silver – cost per letter