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Merkel RX Helix


The Helix is the latest bolt action rifle in the MEM range from Merkel – it combines state-of-the-art hunting rifle construction with functions that set new standards. The true linear bolt action rifle works blindingly fast with a transmission unit. Neither the bolt handle nor the cylinder breech move towards the shooter’s eye – the system housing is closed at the rear. This creates perfect conditions for bolt action shooting.

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The safety of the rotary bolt head has proven itself since 1898, when Paul Mauser (a contemporary of the Merkel brothers) introduced his legendary System 98. Some 112 years on, MERKEL has taken the strengths of this system and engineered brand new concepts in the manufacture of hunting rifles for modern-day hunting. MODERN HUNTING – DRIVEN HUNTS A hunter must be able to handle his rifle safely and efficiently when under stress and with limited time at their disposal. The HELIX offers everything the hunter needs – a true linear bolt action with transmission gear. This allows rapid reloading while remaining in shooting position, and also means that the shooter‘s eye can remain focused on the target with a little practice. This is because the HELIX does not use a breech which retracts towards the eye of the shooter. The manual cocking and the bolt with MERKEL Safebolt technology ensure safe handling of the rifle and prevent unintended shot firing. MODERN HUNTING – HUNTING TRIPS AND VISITS TO far away HUNTING GROUNDS Thanks to the standard Take-Down function on the HELIX rifle, discreet travelling with small pack sizes and rapid dismantling are possible without the need for tools. Changing the calibre with an interchangeable barrel can be made just as quickly.

Available in the following calibers:

6,5 x 55, .243Win, .270 Win, 7 x 64, .308 Win, .30-06, 8 x 57IS, 9,3 x 62

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